Kathy's Chickenscratch

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Our small acreage is located in southwest Missouri. We raise chickens, and sell hatching eggs and chicks. On occasion we do have starter birds available. Our breeds of focus are Barred Rocks, New Hampshires and Delawares. We also have Icelandics, and are happy to be a part of the preservation effort of this landrace fowl.

Our interest in poultry began rather simply - we wanted to have farm fresh eggs. While researching, we became interested in the history of some of the old breeds our grandparents used to raise.  That evolved into an interest in standard bred poultry, rather than hatchery stock.

Over time, we bought several strains of Delawares. As it turned out, all of them were disappointments, in one way or another. In 2010 we began a project of recreating the Delaware breed. This requires hatching hundreds of chicks, and progress is slow. We breed towards the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection. Our F3s (third generation birds) are now on the ground. We are really excited about this, and are hopeful these birds will be show worthy.

The photographs above are actual photos (in illustration mode on our camera) of our F2s. Out of 200 chicks hatched, we had four females and twenty-some males, to move on to the F3s. We culled one female and all but 6 males.

This website will be managed by Kathy. Thus, Kathy's Chickenscratch has hatched....                                          Please sign our guest book. We would love to have you check in once in awhile.

Kathy and Mike Bonham                                                                                                                                                          Timberline Acres                                                                                                                                                                           Nevada, Missouri